Spreader, Penetrant, Rainfast

  • Mytron is an Unique Nonionic Surfactant with strong penetrant properties.
  • Mytron will improve the performance of the agrochemicals by enhancing the penetration of spray solution into the leaves.
  • Mytron improves rainfastness of Glyphosate mixtures and ensure the effective control of general weeds. It is low foaming and suitable for most of the pesticide.

Question: Should Adjuvants used only during wet weather?
Answer:  Adjuvant should be used both during wet and dry weather because:-

  1. Under hot, dry growing conditions weeds develop thicker cuticles, this will impede herbicide absorption.
  2. During the wet weather washouts result in loss of chemicals.


Usage Recommendations:

Herbicide CKS 10 liter water CDA 10 liter water
Glyphosate Mixture 5 ml 10ml