Choosing a spray equipment with a low volume nozzle alone will not bring about the desired productivity and cost reduction in weed management. Whether we use a mechanised, semi-mechanised or manual sprayer with a low volume nozzle, there are always many other factors which affect productivity and thus the cost. Mechanisation is just one aspect of improving productivity and sometimes it has its limitation. We can see this in the application of herbicide and insecticide in the oil palm plantations especially in the immature area and in high terrains.

Mycrop’s role has been continuously looking into ways in improving productivity and cost savings in weed management. Thus, Mycrop has not been only selling the spray equipment Inter but also emphasises and provides guidance and training in some key areas as follows:-

  • the right choice of nozzles
  • the spraying techniques
  • the importance in the replacement of nozzles periodically
  • applying simple, correct, appropriate , and practical method of calibration
  • using appropriate adjuvant to improve efficacy of chemical used
  • pre-mixing
  • monitoring the volume of chemical used relative to field hectare
  • the maintenance of spray equipment
  • ensuring that the spray operators are regularly trained

There are many big oil palm plantation groups which are using our (the Retained Pressure Manual Knapsack Sprayer) with the various optional low volume nozzles. Improved productivity is being achieved with appropriate guidance and training.